Previous SEMA Award Winners


Teaching Excellence – Mary Valante (Appalachian State University)

Scholarly Achievement – Kelly DeVries (Loyola University Maryland)

Best First Book – Mary Dzon (University of Tennessee Knoxville)

The Quest for the Christ Child in the Later Middle Ages


Teaching Excellence – Melissa Ridley Elmes (Lindenwood University)

Scholarly Achievement – Wendy Turner (Augusta University)

Best First Book – Lindy Brady (University College Dublin)

Writing the Welsh Borderlands in Anglo-Saxon England


Teaching Excellence – Cynthia Turner Camp (University of Georgia)

Best First Book – Gil Ben-Herut (University of South Florida)

Śiva’s Saints: The Origins of Devotion in Kannada According to Harihara’s Ragaḷegaḷu


Teaching Excellence – Lauren Whitnah (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)

Scholarly Achievement – Lynn Ramey (Vanderbilt University)

Best First Book – Nicole Nolan Sidhu

Indecent Exposure: Gender, Politics, and Obscene Comedy in Middle English Literature


Teaching Excellence – Vicky McAlister (Southeast Missouri State University)

Scholarly Achievement – Dan O’Sullivan (University of Mississippi)

Best First Book



Teaching Excellence – M. Brad Busbee (Samford University)

Scholarly Achievement – Larissa “Kat” Tracy (Longwood University)

Best First Book – Amy N. Vines (University of North Carolina – Greensboro)

          Women’s Power in Late Medieval Romance

Anne Latowsky (University of South Florida)

   Emperor of the World: Charlemagne and the Construction of Imperial Authority, 800-1229


Teaching Excellence – Jo Koster (Winthrop University)

Scholarly Achievement – Lorraine K. Stock (University of Houston)

Best First Book – Alison Gulley (Appalachian State University)

              The Displacement of the Body in Aelfric’s Virgin Martyr Lives


Teaching Excellence – Lisi Oliver (Louisiana State University)

Scholarly Achievement – Shira Schwam-Baird (University of North Florida)

Best First Book – Matthew Gabriele (Virginia Tech)

An Empire of Memory: The Legend of Charlemagne, the Franks, and Jerusalem before the First Crusade 


Teaching Excellence – Joseph Wittig (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Scholarly Achievement – Connie Scarborough (Texas Tech University)

Best First Book – Laine Doggett (St. Mary’s College)

             Love Cures: Healing and Love Magic in Old French Romance


Teaching Excellence – Alan Baragona (Virginia Military Institute)

Scholarly Achievement – Tison Pugh (University of Central Florida)


Teaching Excellence – Nathan Howard (University of Tennessee, Martin)

Best First Book – Micheal Crafton (Clayton State University)

  The Political Artistry of the Bayeux Tapestry: A Visual Epic of Norman Imperial Ambitions


Teaching Excellence – Tom Hanks (Baylor University)


Teaching Excellence – Lorraine Stock (University of Houston)

Best First Book – Warren Edminster (Murray State University)

         The Preaching Fox: Festive Subversion in the Plays of the Wakefield Master


Teaching Excellence – Gloria Betcher (Iowa State University)

Scholarly Achievement – Albrecht Classen (Arizona State University)

Best First Book – Dan O’Sullivan (University of Mississippi)

           Marian Devotion in Thirteenth-Century French Lyric


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